Kristian Strutt specialises in archaeological mapping and geophysical survey. He is the director of the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton unit in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Southampton, and is also responsible for carrying out research survey work and applied archaeological geophysics. He has worked on survey and fieldwork for the San Vincenzo Project, Ostia Antica, Puglia, Veii and the Colle Oppio in Rome, as well as fieldwork in Northumberland. Kristian is currently involved in the Three Valleys Survey Project in Hampshire, together with the Leffinge Survey Project based near Ostend in Flanders, Belgium and the Mougon Survey Project in the Loire Valley, France.

He previously worked for the British School at Rome, particularly in the current major research initiative, the Tiber Valley Project. He was the director of geophysical and topographical survey for the investigations of the Claudian and Trajanic harbours at Portus, Lazio for the Roman Towns Project.


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