Basing House Survey

Today’s blog from Nicole for the survey at Basing House!

Basing House Project

Today was a cold but very productive day up at Basing House.

The student teams are getting faster at recording topography and have covered huge areas of the site.

Surveying in the limits of the New House has been tricky as there are partial walls to try to identify.

One of the student teams is made up of Masters students, two of whom are planning to use Basing House as the major case study for their dissertation projects. The Masters students were working on surveying the very complex interior of the Old House today. It was out of the wind, but still very cold!

I started a photographic suvey of the various grafitti on the site. The photos below show examples of the variety of graffiti in the Old House etched into the plaster. We’re planning to use some new computational photography techniques to record this in the summer.


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