Tidgrove Warren Farm Fieldwork 23rd September

Plenty has happened in the last week, which means that I haven’t had time to write anything up here. Firstly on the medieval site, the team have completed cleaning back and have been excavating features, including a possible robber trench and wheel ruts at the entrance to the site.

The medieval site entrance

Over the last few days I have been cleaning out the ditch section next to the entrance for recording. This shows a chalky dust primary fill, and lots of chalk tip lines into the ditch, with some charcoal.

The ditch fill

In trench 12 all of the slots have nearly been bottomed. It is evident that the feature is a quarry, with plenty of chalk, pottery and bone dumped back into the hollow. The lower cut and some of the primary fill of the earlier ditch that the hollow cuts has also been found, but with no pottery to date.

Trench 12

In trench 11, the ditch feature has been fully excavated, and Simon’s team have just completed recording the features. Raleigh started backfilling yesterday evening.

Recording in Trench 11

I will post a final blog here over the weekend. Last day on site today!


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