Tidgrove Warren Farm Fieldwork – 9th September 2011

A late update this evening I am afraid. All went brilliantly today on site, although things started slowly in the morning with lots of recording still to do on all trenches. The aim today was to record trench 10 before backfilling, and to continue and finish pre-excavation plans of trenches 11 and 12 prior to continuing the excavation.

Recording on trench 12

In addition to our groups continuing the magnetometry and topography surveys across the study area, we had teams in all of the trenches recording. For trench 10 we recorded the ploughmarks and periglacial features that formed the only features in that trench, prior to backfilling. In trenches 11 and 12 we finished the pre-excavation plans ready to excavate some of the features in each trench. This was a task that required all of the powers of concentration and effort that the students and supervisoors could muster. Fortunately we had Long Dom Silver on site to lend a hand.

ooh aaaaargh jim laaaad!

Having completed the planning, efforts were concentrated on starting to excavate the ditch and other features in trenches 11 and 12.

Cleaning back prior to excavating features

No photos of the magnetometry and topographic survey today, but both teams xcracked on throughout the day, almost completing the topographic survey on the highest area of land at Tidgrove, and pushing 4.5 hectares of magnetometry over the Romano-British site field. Images of the magnetometry will be posted tomorrow. In the meantime excavations of ditch features in trenches 11 and 12 continued.

Work progressing in trench 12

Oh, who is that elusive figure swathed in combats and wearing rigger boots. Hair cut so short that the proto-mullet isn’t even recognisable? Why, supervisor Paul Johnson finally turned up on site to help push things forward.

Paul arriving in the nick of time

In the meantime one of the teams, employed on the topographic survey of the site, took time out to survey in levels on all of the trenches, and to establish temporary benchmarks for all of the work areas.

You just can’t get the staff

Topo the morning to you!

In the trenches, ground is only just being broken, although the narrow gully in trench 12 has yielded some animal bone, and in trench 11 the upper fill of the boundary ditch has yielded flint, including part of a core.

Excavation of the ditch in trench 11

Simon’s core from trench 11

And another view…

Admittedly this is a rather photo-heavy blog today, but there will be a more data-heavy report of all that has gone on tomorrow!


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