Tidgrove Warren Farm Fieldwork 29th August 2011

Today was spent preparing for the excavations and survey at Tidgrove Warren Farm, due to start tomorrow morning. I spent most of the morning with Dominic Barker at the University and site, loading up tools and equipment, then depositing all in the store and checking over the equipment to make sure that all is ready.

This afternoon was spent setting out more of the geophysical survey grid and the location of three trenches over the landscape. All are located to get the most out of the Ieon Age and Romano-British field systems and settlement, the plan being to investigate features associated with these, in particular a set of four enclosure ditches that cut off the end of a ridge which has a settlement located on it.

Dominic Barker and Rachel Sharland using the Smartnet GPS to grid out and prepare the trenches at the site

We used the Smartnet GPS to establish the geophysical survey grid and trench locations in the Ordnance Survey grid coordinate system. The third trench is situated on the edge of the ridge which runs from the Portway Roman Road to the north, down to the southern confines of Tidgrove Warren Farm.

Location of trench 3 over the boundary ditches. The ridge pictured has an Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement located on it, and the mast in the distance, to the north of the Portway Roman road, marks Cottington’s Hill, the site of a possible Iron Age hillfort and medieval site associated with the deer park of Freemantle

With the grids and trenches set out, the plan tomorrow is to head out to site with undergraduate students from the University of Southampton for the training fieldwork. The team will be divided into group for a number of activities, including deturfing and cleaning back of the trenches, magnetometer survey, topographic survey using Smartnet, and some finds processing. Hopedully we will also get a small group to look at some features at the Medieval site at Tidgrove too.

Fieldwork 2011 Supervisors

Dominic Barker

Rachel Sharland

Two of the supervisory team were out today, Dominic Barker and Rachel Sharland grafting in preparation of the field season. We will be joined by Linda Mitchell tomorrow, and Southampton alumnus Paul Johnson early next week. More to follow tomorrow!


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